Funded Projects 2014-2020

The Northern Periphery and Arctic programme 2014-2020 funded 58 main projects and 60 preparatory projects, representing approximately 95% of the programme funding. You can search the project database below.

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Project BuSK
Building shared knowledge capital to support natural resource governance in the Northern periphery
Project-Type Preparatory
Total budget 39 433 EUR
Start - End 14-06-15 to 13-11-15
Project C.L.I.M.A.T.E.
Collaborative Learning Initiative Managing and Adapting to the Enviroment
Project-Type Main
Total budget 1 366 060 EUR
Start - End 31-05-17 to 30-05-20
Project C4CA
Champions for Climate Action
Project-Type Preparatory
Total budget 44 070 EUR
Start - End 16-06-19 to 15-02-20
Capitalising on digital innovations for heritage and capacity
Project-Type Main
Total budget 153 246 EUR
Start - End 01-07-21 to 30-06-22
Project CEREAL
Northern Cereals – New Markets for a Changing Environment
Project-Type Main
Total budget 833 802 EUR
Start - End 31-05-15 to 30-05-18