Funded Projects 2014-2020

Project BioNorth

Project Acronym BioNorth
Project Title Growth and sustainability from Northern Biopolymers


The main objective of the BioNorth project is to develop and test a cheap and simple water treatment method suitable especially for run-off waters from agriculture and other non-point loading sources in rural northern and arctic areas. The efficiency and applicability of biopolymers for treatment of different kind of run-off waters will be tested in laboratory scale. Besides on that, we will also research the biopolymers’ functionality for some municipal and industrial wastewaters having an important role in NPA area, such as mining industry. As well, new sources of potentially applicable biopolymers will be examined. In addition, a technical solution for dosing and mixing the biopolymers into water suitable for locations without any infrastructure (electricity, heating, internet connection etc.) will be developed and tested in situ.


The objective of the preparatory project is to develop a high quality main project application.

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Project Info

Environmental protection, climate change, pollution (soil, water, air), waste management
1 Innovation
1.1 Increased innovation and transfer of R&D
Project duration
31-05-15 to 29-09-16
Total budget
44 976 EUR
NPA co-financing
29 235 EUR
Target groups
enterprise, including SME
sectoral agency
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer
Kirsti Mijnhijmer