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Project BCT

Project Acronym BCT
Project Title Blue Circular Tech


Due to the ongoing degradation of ocean health caused by emissions of waste plastics, marine plastic pollution is high on the global agenda where targets to abolish marine litter feature in international policy frameworks such as the Ocean Decade and the SDGs. Though figures vary, it is clear that a large proportion of marine plastic is composed of abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing gear (ALDFGs). Achieving these targets will require a systemic shift from linear to circular value chains for plastic, and a shift in the current perception of single-use or discarded plastics from waste to resource among businesses, consumers, and communities.

Another impetus comes from the incoming Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme for fishing gear (2024) and emerging CEN standards for the design of gear (also 2024) which will have major implications for gear design, manufacture, marketing, and disposal or reuse.

Following the NPA projects Circular Ocean (2016 Regiostars Public Choice Award winner) and Blue Circular Economy (BCE) (2020 Regiostars Awards finalist), there is a continued need to engage SMEs and other stakeholders in the marine sector to develop solutions for ALDFGs while also generating new opportunities in the circular economy.


Using lessons from NPA projects Circular Ocean, Blue Circular Economy and other initiatives, BCT will seek to accelerate the ability of peripheral communities and SMEs to create these solutions.

BCT will connect SMEs interested in generating resources from waste gear, and give them greater insight into emerging technologies, upcycling opportunities, and product development strategies including product sustainability narratives centred on the circular economy.

Drawing on the expert connections developed during Circular Ocean and BCE, the BCT project will also inform and engage SMEs, marine stakeholders, and marine communities about the relevant legislation and policies which are taking shape around gear design, EPR, and national and transnational circular economy initiatives.

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Environmental protection, climate change, pollution (soil, water, air), waste management
2 Entrepreneurship
2.2 Greater market reach
Project duration
01-01-22 to 30-06-22
Total budget
59 925 EUR
NPA co-financing
35 952 EUR
Target groups
business support organisation
General public
higher education and research
interest groups including NGOs
regional public authority
sectoral agency
enterprise, including SME
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer
Christopher Parker