Project Communication

For the programme period 2021-2027, the European Commission is placing more emphasis on communicating the benefits of cooperation and its results. In line with this, the aim of the programme is to raise awareness about the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme, its objectives and its outputs by engaging with (potential) beneficiaries, relevant stakeholders and the public.

Projects play a key role

Projects have a key role to play in carrying out the Interreg NPA communication strategy. All projects that receive European funding must comply with the publicity requirements stipulated in the European regulations. In addition, the Interreg NPA has outlined a number of requirements that all main projects must meet. Progress on communication activities and the mandatory publicity requirements is monitored through surveys and in the Progress Report. 

Developing project communication

When developing a project, applicants will have to describe the general approach to communication and detailed information on communication objectives and activities in each work package. In addition, all projects will have to meet the EU publicity requirements. Main projects will also need to meet specific Interreg NPA publicity requirements. For these reasons, there are a number of things that are good to take into account when planning resources for communication.

Read more about communication during project development and how to plan the necessary resources here.


More information about the publicity requirements can be found below and in the Programme Manual.


All projects that receive European funding must comply with the publicity requirements stipulated in the European regulations. This applies to all types of projects supported by the Interreg NPA: Main, Preparatory, Clustering or other Small-scale types of projects.

The European publicity requirements stipulate that all projects are responsible for informing the public about assistance received from Interreg by:

  1. displaying the combined programme/project logo in a visible manner on all project related materials;
  2. providing a short description of the project on each partner’s official website or social media sites, including the programme/project logo;
  3. displaying one poster of a minimum size A3 or equivalent electronic display, with information about the project and programme on the premises of each partner.

Follow this link to read detailed guidance in the Programme Manual about the EU publicity requirements.

Interreg NPA Programme project Logo template

As mentioned above, all main projects are expected to develop a set of mandatory communication tools within the first six months of the project lifetime. In addition, projects are expected to budget for mandatory attendance at events organised by the Programme. 

The Interreg NPA communication requirements are:

  1. Maintaining and updating the project information online
  2. Produce at least 2 media products outlining the project’s vision and achieved results
  3. Organising activities, events and any other relevant initiatives to ensure the engagement of relevant target groups across all participating countries and partners
  4. Attending NPA events during the project lifetime
  5. Have a social media presence

Follow this link to read detailed guidance in the Programme Manual about the NPA publicity requirements.

The project design guide, the programme and project logo as well as all communication templates are available in the Download centre.



The programme aims to create an interactive exchange that will make the communication more relevant and that increases the ownership of the programme and its results, optimising the use of limited resources. For this reason, all project communication managers are invited to join the Network of project communication managers.

Contact the Communication Manager to join the group.