The Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme covers a vast area, as shown on the map.

The programme partner countries are the EU Member States of Finland, Ireland and Sweden and Non EU Member States Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and Norway.A complete list of regions can be found below.

As a principle, project partners should be located in the programme area. Please note that it is not always the entire country that participates in the programme. It can be accepted that a partner located outside the programme area, in particular in North-eastern Canada or UK, participates as an associated partner.


Programme Partner Country NUTS CODE Region
EU Member States
FinlandFI19 Länsi-Suomi (Keski-Suomi)
FI1D Pohjois-ja Itä-Suomi
IrelandIE04Northern and Western
IE05Southern (only NUTS 3 regions IE051 Mid-West and IE053 South-West)
SwedenSE32Mellersta Norrland
SE33Övre Norrland
Non Member States
Faroe Islands FOFaeroerne
NO0BSvalbard and Jan Mayen