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Project Adapt Northern Heritage

Project Acronym Adapt Northern Heritage
Project Title ADAPTing NORTHERN cultural HERITAGE to the environmental impacts of climate change and associated natural hazards through community engagement and informed conservation planning
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Adapt Northern Heritage is concerned with adapting northern cultural heritage to the environmental impacts of climate change and associated natural hazards through community engagement and informed conservation planning. The project will develop an online tool to assess the risks for and vulnerabilities of historic places and provide guidance for the planning of strategic adaption measures that takes into account cultural, economic, environmental and social sustainability. The tool will be develop, test and demonstrated in nine case studies, in Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Scotland, for which adaptation actions plans will be produced. The project will also create a community network with a networking platform, round table workshops and training events.


1.Develop procedures for risks and vulnerabilities assessments and sustainable adaptation planning of historic places and make the procedures accessible through online software: Develop risks and vulnerabilities assessment method and guidance for adaptation planning considering all 4 sustainability aspects (cultural, economic, environmental, social); transfer method and guidance into software with adaptation measures catalogue

2. Produce a select adaptation action plans to demonstrate how the environmental impacts of climate change and associated natural hazards can be integrated into conservation planning: Produce stakeholder-driven conservation plans for the case studies to show how climate change predictions and related impacts on historic places can be considered; the plans should act as examples and promote the adaptation of the case study sites

3.Create a network for stakeholders concerned with the conservation of northern cultural heritage in the context of a changing climate to contribute, engage, learn and network: Create an international community network, involving authorities, charities and local and specialist communities in the northern world regions, with online activates platform, engaging and structured round table networking events and training courses



Man-made/natural risk reduction:

The Adapt Northern Heritage Toolkit helps to reduce anthropogenic and environmental impacts of climate change on historic places, by offering guidance and procedures for assessing risks and planning adaptation strategies. Aurland kommune (NO) is using ANH case study plan to inform the development of municipal incentives (grants, permission etc.) to reduce risks to historic places in Aurlandsdalen. In Scotland, the National Trust for Scotland is considering to develop a tree shelter belt to protect Threave Gardens, as proposed in ANH case study plan.



Raising awareness:

ANH raised awareness about the impacts of climate change on historic places and solutions for adaptation measures. It took: 1 ANH´s Toolkit, 1 high level global stakeholder Forum, 15 seminars, 5 training materials, 3 supplementary tools (Adaptation Stories, Conservation Factsheets, Information Sources), and 1 digital conference with more than 250 Zoom participants and many more people watching live stream on Facebook and YouTube.


Building institutional capacity:

The Adapt Northern Heritage Toolkit consists of 5 tools to help understand better how climate change will affect Northern historic places and explore response options. The main tool is a Guide for Assessing Risk and Planning Adaptation, supported by examples of Adaptation Stories, Conservation Factsheets and Information Sources. As a result of the project, the Office of Public Works (Ireland) is now using the Climate Risk Management Plan for Ballinskelligs Abbey to inform their conservation policies for this place.


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Tourism, recreation, cultural heritage, languages
4 Natural and Cultural Heritage
4 Increased capacity for sustainable environmental management
Project duration
31-05-17 to 30-05-20
Total budget
963 212 EUR
NPA co-financing
552 372 EUR
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local public authority
regional public authority
national public authority
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interest groups including NGOs
infrastructure and (public) service provider
enterprise, including SME
higher education and research