Funded Projects 2014-2020

Project A:EYE

Project Acronym A:EYE
Project Title Augmented reality to Educate Young households about Energy


A:EYE will present young householders with easily understandable information to take up renewable energy and energy efficiency otions in their own home. It will literally show them what can be done to and in their home live on their mobile phone or tablet computer. This will revolutionise how advice is given in their home, with relevant information displayed, actually demonstrating what equipment can be installed in their own home. It will demonstrate where it will be installed, what it will look like and links to other, more detailed information about what it will achieve, which can be clicked on from the demonstrating device. This will encourage entreprenuership in the area, as businesses connected to energy efficiency and renewable energy installation will seek to have their links demonstrated on the displays. This will increase employment opportunities in remote and dispersed communities through increased take up of measures.


project will seek to develop one new renewable energy solution service and 200 homes with improved energy classification. A:EYE is designed to be shared as best practise across the NPA area, and taken up by all EU and arctic area energy related projects, advice teams and households, exponentially increasing take up.

Lead Partner


Project Info

Environmental protection, climate change, pollution (soil, water, air), waste management
3 Renewables and Energy Efficiency
3 Increased use of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions
Project duration
25-07-18 to 30-11-18
Total budget
44 992 EUR
NPA co-financing
27 595 EUR
Target groups
local public authority
sectoral agency
General public
higher education and research
education/training centre and school
interest groups including NGOs