Funded Projects 2014-2020

Project BIOVAC

Project Acronym BIOVAC
Project Title Bioprocess value chain


The BIOVAC project aims at combining renewable energy production with different biomass conversion pathways, such as efficient direct combustion,, micro CHP, syngas and hydrothermal carbonisation while utilizing by-products and wastes from agriculture, waste water treatment plant and forest industry. Waste water, sludges and sidestreams from agriculture and industry will be utilized for biomass production via short rotation coppicing to provide raw bioresources for conversion to innovative value-added products such as fuels, sugars, carbon and chemicals. The introduction of short rotation coppicing can help reduce nutrient leakage from animal and crop husbandry, from entering and accumulating in waterways while producing local biomass resources for different conversion pathways. Through this chain both economic, ecological and social benefits can be accumulated for local societies dependent on the prevalent agriculture and industries processing local wood resources. New business opportunities generate employment and help create a critical mass by joining biomass producers with industries dependent on biomass resources and consumers. These linkages will decrease GHG emissions, improve energy efficiency and increase energy self-sufficiency through creating a new local energy resource. As a result, the BIOVAC project will produce a calculation tool for evaluating the economics and use an existing tool for ecological footprints of the whole conversion chain from biomass production to final energy products adapted for the project area but transferable to other areas taking into account local conditions.


Innovative value-added products from biomass will be developed and demonstrated (chemicals, fuels, sugars, carbon). New raw materials and processes will be tested and developed. Finland and Sweden have developed wood processing technologies over many decades. Novel industrial solutions and testing facilities will be utilized for producing parameters for the calculation tool adaptive for the other project areas. In many areas processing of different biomasses and industrial by-products into different raw materials and fuels is still being developed and knowledge from the project area is directly transferable. Direct combustion of willow wood in energy efficient facilities will be demonstrated to increase awareness about energy saving possibilities.

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Project Info

Renewable energy, eco products
3 Renewables and Energy Efficiency
3 Increased use of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions
Project duration
01-10-18 to 30-11-18
Total budget
43 775 EUR
NPA co-financing
28 454 EUR
Target groups
business support organisation
education/training centre and school
interest groups including NGOs
infrastructure and (public) service provider
higher education and research
enterprise, including SME