Funded Projects 2014-2020

Project ArMo

Project Acronym ArMo
Project Title Enhancing low-carbon solutions for Arctic mobilities in local and tourism contexts


This project will examine social practices of mobility and socially sustainable mobility transformations in the Northern Peripheries. In these regions, with sparse populations, cold climates, and long distances, achieving low-carbon mobility is societally important, but especially challenging for the future development of remote, peripheral rural areas and their communities that depend on natural resources and their extraction.  Instead of a sectoral approach to mobility, typical in climate change strategies, this project has a comprehensive approach to the social practices of mobility. 

Our main task will be one of enhancing the implementation of current regional and national strategies around climate-change mitigation and adaptation efforts that support innovative low-carbon social practices of mobility and immobility in Arctic and northern peripheral areas. In this preparatory project all relevant strategies will be evaluated and both public and private stakeholders contacted. The project will use a selection of case studies in different mobility contexts.



This preparatory project aims to develop a full application for submission under the 2021-2027 NPA programme.

Lead Partner


Project Info

Biodiversity, habitat & species protection, arctic environment
4 Natural and Cultural Heritage
4 Increased capacity for sustainable environmental management
Project duration
01-01-22 to 30-06-22
Total budget
95 819 EUR
NPA co-financing
62 282 EUR
Target groups
local public authority
regional public authority
national public authority
sectoral agency
interest groups including NGOs
Joint Secretariat Desk Officer
Christopher Parker