Funded Projects 2014-2020

Project BERSE

Project Acronym BERSE
Project Title Business Models Empowering Rural Social Entrepreneurship - voicing the rural norm


This project is going to deal with how to develop social entrepreneurship in rural areas in the Northern Periphery. It will clarify the approach, methods, and project design for a future Main project.

Swedish, Norwegian, Irish, and Scottish partners will map and exchange experiences and knowledge about best practices for social entrepreneurs and how to facilitate start-ups and up-scaling in remote communities.

The project emphasizes a bottom-up approach where social entrepreneurs who have succeeded play key roles as experts by experience in dialogs and knowledge building.

The project will provide significant added value in form of knowledge emerging from a collaboration between social entrepreneurs, incubators, and academics across the involved countries. Through comparison of systems and structures in different countries, the project will draw lessons from conditions that social entrepreneurs must relate to, as well as impacts of appropriate facilitation, support measures, and knowledgeable entrepreneurial management that improves success. Impacts of collaboration climate between local actors, attitudes among inhabitants, and access to local resources is also relevant factors to look upon in a pre-study. Project meetings will be held both as digital meetings and physical attendance and study visits in the various partner countries.

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Project Info

Business development, trade, marketing
2 Entrepreneurship
2.1 Improved support systems for SMEs
Project duration
01-01-22 to 30-06-22
Total budget
129 899 EUR
NPA co-financing
75 333 EUR
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